Last days before getting married are memorable

Tradition says that before getting married the last night should be a real celebration. Another reason to party and so the bachelorette party is something no bride to be wants to skip. The thematic exists but there must be action too so you better start thinking at fun bachelorette party ideas.

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas



Party planning

Start with things you correlate with the bride to be. There must be something surprising for her but not that way as to shock her.

Don’t call for the strippers unless you know her to be open minded. Some fun bachelorette party ideas may be about:

Sweet tea party if the bride is the princess bride. At least a parody for that will be an appreciated idea for the beginning.

The lingerie party. Hang the bras and make a sweets bar under, play the music and start the party, an intimate one of course.

Provocative ideas. Taker the limo and go out in the club.

There are “traditions” saying that the bride should drink from a stranger’s cup, to kiss somebody, to ask a symbolic thing from a stranger and kiss for money.

Know the bride contest. She sis the main character and with funny questions make the guests guess and invent things. It’s all about creativity.

Marriage tips. The recipe of happiness is also based on creativity so each person has to say something funny considered to be the key to a happy long lasting marriage.

Friendship bond. Some want a day to a spa, others want a karaoke session. Something to remind the bride about the group of friends, the night out and the wild so far lifestyle.

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Party tips

Any of the fun bachelorette party ideas must be accompanied by decency.

That in a measure, considering how the bride will take it all. With other words the penis cake is not quite a good idea for a modest and shy bride. Remember that this has to be something memorable.

A personalized t-shirt with single (until…wedding date) is a great idea to start the party. That in case it will be something indoor. For a night out put a tiara and a veil in her head and go wild.

Choose a burlesque style, plan a photo session and end the day at a cup laughing about all.

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