The sweet delight of a lavender decor at your wedding

The color you choose for your wedding decor is the one to define you as a person too. But besides this the esthetic part is about the need to be a catchy look.

Something bold, but at the same time with good taste, something intense but at the same time pleasant to the eye. A lavender wedding may fulfill your requests in this way.

Because it is a trendy color there are so many ways you can use this as touch for the entire list of decorations.

Lavender wedding ideas hint at your creativity side in every little piece that you add as puzzle piece for the final decor look.

Lavender Wedding Ideas


Lavender touch ideas

Lavender touch part of the flowers arrangements. Use this as part of the bouquets, ideal mostly for an informal, garden or rustic wedding.

And since details make the difference place lavender on each serving late or on each wedding napkins.

At the flower chapter the dried lavender is one part but you can also opt for lavender hydrangea, for iris.

Pretty cupcakes and sweets in a lavender note and as for the cake the whole view can be lavender covered cake with marzipan or the contrasting one with a rich line of flowers of a lavender look.

Lavender Wedding Ideas 2021

Lavender butterflies to decorate around, small lamps to delimit the space, the dance floor for example, satin bows for chairs.

For a summer time wedding the seaside elements can all have a lavender touch.

And if not then small diamonds decorative gems of a lavender touch spread on tables are of a great effect.

Smokey eyes as make up for the bride, with a lavender flower boutonniere, shirt buttons or tie bow are also lavender wedding ideas you can use, now in the way the bride will be dressed and how the groom will match in attire and accessories.

2021 Lavender Decorations

The internet is a real support to get inspired so find a lot of glamorous touch lavender wedding ideas on

And when you need supplies for the party, decorations to buy pretty lavender wedding ideas hint at vases you find on along with glamorous centerpieces and favors.

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