Leave an Impression to Last with Your Coffee Wedding Favors

To choose the wedding favors for your special occasion has never been an easy task but with the choice of coffee wedding favors, you can be certain to leave quite an impression on you guests, especially if this is a coffee of an excellent flavor. If you look inside your local gift stores you can find a wide variety of coffee wedding favors that come in different formats.

You can opt for gourmet coffee favors that are elegantly presented in a bag with a silk bow, each bag having a personalized label with your names and drawings of bride and groom. They can come also along with cup and plate that in their turn could be personalized with various messages for your guests – something to go like “Wake up with the best flavored cup of coffee and let love come in your heart” and having your names and wedding date attached to the logo.

There are also coffee wedding favors to come with coffee spoons along with the coffee bag, spoons that can be as well customized according to your will. Even if there isn’t enough money to buy these coffee wedding favors and another amount of money to pay for their customization, you can make all these presents by yourself. To be more original you buy coffee beans of the best quality that is sold in bulk (in this way you pay less than it would cost for an already ground and packed coffee) and then some woven fabrics of flax out of which you can sew some small bags similar to those they originally trade the coffee beans.

These bags can be easily sewn by hand with thick thread to imitate the sew of the original bags and then have them tied up with a piece of natural twine to give the aspect of the coffee bag a quite authentic look. At one end of the twine you can attach a small card in which you print your words of appreciation together with your names and wedding date. These mini cards can be easily edited on the computer encompassed in the shape of a heart for after that to cut the card stock in the same format before gluing it or stapling it to the twine’s end.

Another good idea would be to buy coffee wedding favors in the format of coffee mugs that you could order to have them personalized and after that have them filled with good quality coffee beans. Opening also the internet web pages with images of coffee favors you will get pretty good ideas on the sort of gift that you can present your guests, so take your time and get inspired by the things that wedding couples can buy as coffee wedding favors for their invitees.

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