Magnolia Wedding Flowers

White is most of the times the first color that comes into your mind whenever it comes to wedding celebration and in this respect the white magnolia wedding flowers could definitely be an answer for a classy white wedding. Well, there is of course the choice of using white wedding flowers not only for a white wedding, as they work very well as great contrast to other darker shades of colors.

When talking about magnolia wedding flowers, just think of the image of a white rose in combination with a lotus and this is the image that you get for magnolias. The future brides have hard times in finding the right choice of wedding flowers, but if you consider the them of the wedding, the style of your wedding dress, and even the venues, than the area of searching for the wedding flowers kind of narrows down to some options.

There is also the style of the wedding celebration which has a print to put when it comes to the choice of wedding flowers, but definitely the elegant style is the one to call for magnolia wedding flowers. Most of the times, they are used to decorate the bridal bouquet, but they might be as well ordered in the shape of silk magnolia wedding flowers for decorating the button holes of the male guests and the corsages of the female guests.

Apart from the white choice of magnolia wedding flowers, there are other options to choose from such as: red, lavender, fucsia pink, orange, purple and green. The fact that magnolia wedding flower can be used in both of its formats – semi opened and completely opened – is another option that you can choose depending on the arrangement.

Will it be for instance the magnolia wedding flowers for the bridal bouquet, then use it in its half bloomed version when it resembles to a rose. For the other alternative – the full bloomed when it is more similar to a lotus bloom, you can have it for corsages and button holes and if the money allows you for the altar decoration and the unity candle as well.

Apart from the bridal bouquet there is the option to have the bridesmaids bouquets decorated with another option for color, such as wine colored magnolia wedding flowers for both variants of the bouquets. The bride’s hair can as well be adorned with a tiara that contains wine colored magnolia wedding flower that will add a note of more classy to the overall aspect of a bride on her way to change her marital status becoming as such a happily married woman.

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