Main part, main attraction- the centerpieces style at your wedding

The wedding starts with a solid ground, love. The wedding party exists for that reason so everything you do for that is a puzzle piece. You can’t ignore the centerpieces when they are actually the main attraction at the tables. Part of the decor, with a common theme but more than simple things placed there in the middle part table to fill in the empty space. Somewhere between the need for that and the need to be something remarkable at least a top 3 wedding centerpiece ideas 2014 will put you in the picture of 2014 trends.

wedding centerpiece ideas 2014

Wedding centerpieces 2014 trends

Besides the fact that no matter what are the trends one needs to adapt it all you won’t make your wedding theme change just for the centerpieces trends. Hence the styles this year are of a great variety to become part of a rustic weeding but in equal measure of a garden style one, casual look. Here are a few suggestions, a top 3 wedding centerpiece ideas 2014:

Crystals. In any way you use them don’t forget to add them. They can be the main part or just a finish, a candle support with hanging crystals, a flower bouquet on a stand with crystals. They shine and remind about luxury, good taste, the aristocracy period but also can be integrated in a decor of a glamorous modern touch.
Flowers of a different style. And this doesn’t mean the artificial way but how does this sound: submerged flower centerpieces? Of a great impact created, you’ll need a tall and transparent glass to put them in. This will give you a variety of shapes to choose from and styles to complete the idea, candles or petals, rocks at the base or colored gems around.
Flower centerpieces. It seems classic so far but not when you opt for something creative: roses of different lengths bound in several places and placed inside a cylindrical vase, field flowers in simple jars placed on a wooden support are a few ideas.

Cheap wedding centerpieces

The trends are always spectacular so that top 3 wedding centerpiece ideas 2014 of yours may make it all even more difficult to choose from. But the budget will make the great delimitation. Find out that some of them are so simple to do it yourself with minimal costs. And when you are on a budget resume to simple classic things like fruits and flowers or just candles arranged that way as to be more than a simple vase in front of the guests; you can find a great variety of combinations and DIY ideas. 

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