Make the Hollywood wedding entrance

We know that at a wedding every little detail counts. And mostly the bride, without being selfish but she is the most important presence. From the way she gets dresses to her look and make up style there must be the pursuit of perfection that every lady seeks for. And not forgetting about the way she comes to the wedding the car is the icing on the cake.

celebrity wedding cars


Get inspired by the celebrity wedding cars and even though you can’t afford or own a gorgeous expensive ride for the big day you will surely want to spoil yourself.

Top Hollywood bridal cars

Depending on the wedding budget, on the wedding style and many others factors the celebrity wedding cars may be an inspiration source for you all, dear brides to be. Here are a few ideas:

Rolls-Royce, the car Kate Moss wanted for her wedding. And it’s not the single example for that. Rolls-Royce is a classic style option and at the same time a timeless style. Even the Duchess of Cambridge had such a car at her wedding, while Kim Kardashian was not far of this option, with Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe.

The Bentley. Oh, who doesn’t love this car!? Prince William is just one example of those who opted for such a wedding car, but in the same list we can’t forget about Victoria Adams, the trend setter ex Spice Girls lady.

The romantic Katie Price style, the horse carriage. This is just one way to make out of your wedding a fairy tale in reality. You’ll feel like Cinderella. Even though for some it is not the comfort alike in a limo let’s face it, romanticism beats the luxuriant cars.

Celebrity cars wanna have

Even not copying the style of the celebrity wedding cars you still have an inspiration source. Looking at the wheel jewelries celebrities have it is clearly what are their tastes. For example Jay Z and her beautiful wife Beyoncé are big fans of the Mercedes. They are spotted driving such a beauty all over. Elegant and stylish this type of car can be a great choice for a modern wedding and bride. Kim Kardashian instead is a big fan of all types of expensive cars. She owns a Mercedes, a Roll Royce, a Ferrari, a Porsche, even a Range Rover. We wonder what type of car out of these she will choose for her wedding with Kanye this year.

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