Make Use of the Heart Symbol for Your Wedding Invitations

There are so many wedding invitations designs out there to choose from that you are completely stuck in your final choice. However, if you consider making use of heart symbol for your wedding invitations then the area of your search will be considerably narrowed down enabling you to view only several of these ones and pick up the invite that matches your style and also your budget.

Heart Wedding InvitationsSource
Heart Wedding Invitations

There can be another alternative if the issue revolves around a more restricted budget: to create your own wedding invitations. There are various ways to do this: either you print the heart symbol on the front page of your invite or you can inspire from other designs that you find available online with many wedding stationery stores displaying their collections.

Heart Wedding Invitations Source
Heart Wedding Invitations

There are heart wedding invitations that are folded in the heart shaped paper with colored trimming of the heart symbol and the worded printed within this shape. You can find also embossed paper with the double heart symbol to confer not only romantic note to the invite but also a more elegant style. Heart wedding invitations are presented to your guests in envelopes that should have as well this symbol in order to let your guests know that there is a romantic message included in the envelope.

Heart Wedding Invitations Source
Heart Wedding Invitations

When you find the online stationery selling these types of wedding cards ask them if they can not custom made the envelopes in your style, in case the envelopes come in a simple format. Another idea could be to create your own heart shaped envelopes in the following way:

1. Take an A4 format of colored paper (the one that is used with photo copy machines that is a little bit thicker in texture) and use it in the landscape layout.

2. Right in the middle of it starting from the top draw the format of a heart leaving on the sides of the page enough space to have half of heart drawn for each side. Make sure that all three drawings will get combined at the top part of the heart.

3. Cut the extra paper out and what you will get is the format of a whole heart in the middle and on the sides two halves will combine when folding the paper in three.

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