Making the bride to be feel spoiled- shower party ideas

The pre wedding period is as unique as this whole bridal experience. Making her more than ever happy and celebrating everything with the spirit too is what any bride would like. And it comes the bridal shower moment, that time when gifts are given. Forget about formalities and arrange a pretty party with cozy bridal shower ideas.

Cozy bridal shower ideas



Feeling comfortable and emotional

Brides just want to feel good, to spend quality time and see how appreciated are they for what they are and then for what’s coming next, the bridal adventure. With these cozy bridal shower ideas you’ll surely amaze her:

The picnic time. Outdoor, with a pleasant time, with desserts that you know she loves- could that be the Nutella creamy homemade sweets. If it is a fall time or winter time shower than go inside and include for example the bar with hot chocolate, caramel, marshallow, peppermint, peant butter chips too.

A Swedish buffet as for the guests to taste whatever they want to. You can also make specific cards with the type of food.

Spa shower. Don’t limit yourself and giving the fact that the bride is so stressed with everything she must do for the incoming event she really deserves such a gift. In that case you need jus to check some extra services on the list and do…almost nothing.

Banners will always impress so that “soon to be Mrs.” or the simple “I will” will be of a great effect.

Nonconformist ideas

Any cozy bridal shower ideas should be original. Or that depends also on the bride’s style and what she wants. In that way a cozy style party may also be about the pajamas night. Try to please the bride even when it comes about small details of such a party- a simple peg can become the sweet bride and groom image. You have no idea what creativity can get out of such banal thoughts. Or, the cupcakes just simple white layered can be all placed that ways as to be the shape of a bride and the cake dessert for this party.

A small intimate and cozy bridal shower doesn’t mean one with less pretenses but one when formality is forgotten and the main point is to make the bride feel special with and at a unique party.

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