Mother Son Wedding Songs

Celebration of life, love and commitment is the notion that is included in the definition of a wedding day. Most of the events that are involved in the composition of a wedding are animated by the presence of music, in fact music is a factor that influences a lot the evolution and the touch of a moment. Imagine how a bride’s entrance would be like without the presence of music, or imagine how people will witness the vows exchanging and the pronunciation of husband and wife without the triumphant sounds of music.

Many of such examples can be given, but I think you’ve got the point: music is the factor that comes in perfect harmony with the unfolding of the events. It is as if a director is making a movie in where the two characters are getting married and he, the director, is setting all the details up, he is editing, indicating, choosing the music of the event that is presented to the audience – the wedding guests..

But when it comes to the music element you should know that this is the one that can be easily customized to fit each event that lies inside the wedding celebration.  As a wedding couple you have already chosen the songs that will be the reflection of your love, of the days when you have first danced and many other beautiful memories.

These tunes will become your wedding songs that through their music will cast a bridge between the past and the present. This bridge you will cross together in your wedding day accompanied by your families and best friends touched by the emotions of a holy act of marriage. It is already known that throughout a wedding celebration two important parts are displayed such as ceremony and reception.

Both of them are in their turn accompanied by the presence of music and as such each moment that is meant to be displayed has to be emphasized by the emotional vibes of various songs for various moments. When it comes to the ceremony, wedding couples are give  the option to choose already from the songs existing in the place of worship, whereas the reception part contains songs that define some events that make the composition of the party perfectly staged in advance.

The songs needed to be chosen are the ones for the big entrance, for father and daughter dance moment, for mother and son dance and the first dance when bride is dancing to her groom. In the wedding celebrations, the accent is put most of the times on the bride’s actions, but there are a few moments that include the attention put on the groom with the mother and son wedding songs to dance to.

Some of mother and son wedding songs suggested could be “Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion”; “Beautiful Boy”, by John Lennon; . “Bridge over troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel;  “A Mother’s Song” by T Carter; “A Song for Mama”.by Boyz2Men and many others.

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