Musical dedication for parents, thoughtful and meaningful songs to play at the wedding

There is one emotional part at the wedding party parents can’t wait for. After the big opening of the grooms first dance as a tradition each one dances with parents, the bride with her father, the groom with his mother. As marking in the symbolic way the maturity level they reached the song and dance is dedicated to those that took care of them until them alone go on another life path and having a family. Have you prepared a song for that? Others make lists and can’t decide at one.

10 wedding songs for parent dances
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It will be easy to choose just a love song, right? But do you know that there are special songs for that? With lyrics that express best the relationship between a mother and her son, the father and his daughter. Today, a little bit of inspiration and here is a top 10 wedding songs for parents’ dances.

10 wedding songs for parent dances
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  1. Celine Dion “A mother’s prayer”
  2. Tim McGraw “My little girl”
  3. Martina McBride “In my daughter’s eyes”
  4. Natalie Merchant “Kind andgenerous”
  5. Taylor Swift “The best day ”
  6. Andrea Moon “Thank you parents”
  7. The Calling “Wherever you will go”
  8. Mikki Verieck “A song for my son”
  9. Bette Midler “Wind beneath my wings”
  10. Rod Stewart “Have I told you lately that I love you?”


Now it depends on what you want to express thorough this moment at the party as some create a funny time with a collage song, others mock this moment, some want that emotional time, crying and everything. Is it gonna be a ballad, a love song, a nostalgic note of the song or you just want to check on the list this dance with no tears?

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