New Years Eve Wedding

Marriage is an unforgettable occasion in which two people in love are united together before family and friends. But what if you could make that special day even more memorable? What about having a New Years Eve wedding to ring in the upcoming year?
It is definitely a date that will not be forgotten. The past year and memories sends you off into a brand new year filled with hope, promises and a fresh start, not to mention a great reason to have a fantastic party.

Many couples elect to have a New Years Eve wedding because of the great deals hotels on this special day has to offer. Local hotels offer deals and bargains for travelers and this can mean real savings when it comes to out of town guests attending. You can also count on plenty of fabulous deals on decorations and seasonal supplies that will go on sale after Christmas. Candles, greenery and bows will be marked down considerably.

The downside to hosting a New Years Eve city wedding is that many hotels will be booked and the more prestigious hotels on this special day will be very expensive. You need to think more of low cost hotels than the five-star resorts.
The same thing goes for trying to book a reception site. If you live in NY city, then New York City New Years Eve celebrations take up most of the nicer reception sites, so finding a place may not be in your favor.

There is an alternative to the traditional church and hotel ballroom reception. Why not have a wedding cruise on this special day and have your close family and friends book a vacation. The Captain of the ship can marry you and cruise lines often offer wedding packages for guests.

They can even give you a discount depending on how many people book a cruise at the same time. Once again, it bears reminding that you need to book early if you want rooms and cabins to be available. The same goes for arranging transportation to the port of call form which the ship is leaving.

A New Years Eve wedding can be incredibly beautiful and romantic. It is a perfect way to start off the New Year by showing your love and affection for your partner. The symbolism of exchanging vows and rings combined with the birth of the New Year will make your special day one that will awe your friends and family. The options are endless and it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams if you start your planning early.

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