No formal style attire for modern and sexy groom

A classic, traditional wedding is not for everybody. Because some feel bohemian, because some want just something else and dare to go far away and further than what people is usually familiar with.

That’s not just for ladies but for grooms to be too. Men’s casual wedding attire ideas to compensate with the classic style will be an interest’s for modern grooms to be.

Mens casual wedding attire ideas


Casual style and how to choose it

Like in ladies cases men too have to take into account all the aspects that define them, the wedding too in order to choose the casual look outfit.

It is about the silhouette and what advantages them most from that point of view, it is about the time and location of the wedding too.

Here are a few men’s casual wedding attire ideas to inspire you:

Even though it is a less formal event casual doesn’t mean you can wear a t-shirt or something. Still a short is needed but the casual one of course.

Go white simple and combine it with an old school vest if you like the idea.

Pants. Again with the same idea that casual doesn’t mean short pants. Go for the casual look like Ben Sherman.

A pair of slacks assorted with a belt, a kaki pair, beije look especially for a beach wedding will be just perfect.

The shirt can have the classic long sleeve but a 3 quarters long sleeve is also a good idea. Just avoid the short sleeved skirt as this is not a quite pleasant look for guys.

Depending on the time of the event and location you may need a jacket, a spencer. Classic, simple or maybe colored and don’t wear it closed.

Last details

Not forgetting about the accessories or how you finish a casual look in the men’s casual wedding attire ideas plan don’t forget about the legerity to wear the shirt with no tie, no bow. That’s the point of the casual look of the wedding attire.

And if you do want to compensate the elegance of such accessories choose a skirt with contrasting buttons for example black buttons at a white shirt to make an accent on the chest.

Also casually dressed groom can forget about cufflinks and the napkin in the chest pocket. Hence the boutonniere flower or in any case that detail can still be present.

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