No rumors but the real expected event this year- Sienna Miller and the incoming wedding plans

After sever times to hear about being separated again, reconciliation, engaged and not quite Sienna Miller and Jude Law took it on separate ways. We knew she was planning to have a baby and now this is her year. Tom Sturridge is the lucky man. With such event to come as she is expecting, with a wedding planned and everything we have a lot to discuss about this.

Sienna Miller's wedding dressSource
Sienna Miller's wedding dress

Back in the period when she was with intentions to marry Jude Law she wanted a hippie wedding style, with her hair flowing on her back and flowers in it. The romantic plan was revealed in media by inside sources but nothing it was confirmed lately. Based on this idea or theme Sienna Miller’s wedding dress we saw as empire waist, strapless, even short or asymmetric in length.

Besides the personal style that will be the leading part for Miller’s choice we now that is expecting so it will be interested to find something from the pregnant wedding dress category. Even though she will be with a child born until then to regain the silhouette takes time so she may be interested to hide the belly part for a while, to mask it in an empire waist dress for example, long and flowy, folded. Also, judging by the time we have heard something about the July birth date so until the end of the year she has time to plan the wedding but it will be another collection. Not rushing to say any style recommendation.

Sienna Miller's wedding dress Source
Sienna Miller's wedding dress

But enough or even more seductive she is when she opts for a body contour, the all black and tight dress style. She’s quite daring and paradoxical so tongue lipped about the events in her life she had an appearance in Vogue April number showing her pregnant belly beauty. It may surprise us completely when she’ll get marry as she always does.

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