Out of the showbiz lately but ready to marry a millionaire- Holly Valance plans

In 2002 she was one of the most envied women in showbiz. Holly Valance made furors with the single “Kiss, kiss” but then she stopped from any other music production and performance. So we’ve heard lately that she is with a millionaire and preparing to get married. She wants California location, Nick Candy wants Italy or France. One thing is sure, they plan for the next year the big event.

Holly Valance's engagement ringSource
Holly Valance's engagement ring

As a tradition of course until the big wedding day it is the engagement time and the period when the bride to be proudly shows her ring. Holly Valance’s engagement ring is no deviation from the celebrities’ road, so a big rock stands on her finger. It is a big diamond, pear shaped in front center, platinum band, estimated at 5 carats. In a closer photo made by Holly herself and posted on twitter we can see the ring partially and notice that is a beaded in diamond band.

And not just the super expensive and gorgeous ring will petrify you but the way the proposal came, in Maldives, on a beach, everything romantic with the question written in the fire. Now that’s what being with a millionaire means…

Holly Valance's engagement ring Source
Holly Valance's engagement ring

As for the wedding, rumors had it that Holly was so excited and out of a burning desire to get married a few days after the engagement time she already started to plan the wedding. But officially they said it will be mostly probable for the end of the year since this year in London are Olympic games or even the next year as they won’t rush.

It was expected to come such news since they had a serious and long relationship until now. With such a rock on her finger I’ll be too the one to proudly wear a while just the engagement ring.

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