Personalized jewelry box to buy

With or without a too close relationship with a lady to buy as a gift something personal is with the risk of not coming to the right spot. How can you tell a specific perfume is what she likes, how can you tell a specific brand product is what she will use? Also not being something too impersonal you can gain her heart with a precious engraved beveled glass jewelry box.

Engraved Beveled Glass Jewelry
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It’s not too simple, it’s not too less, it’s not a banal item. We recommend this as ideal gift for bridesmaids, for mothers of the bride and groom or even for the bride. It is about:

Engraved Beveled Glass Jewelry
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  • It’s a rectangle shaped box, spacious enough to keep one of the most precious jewelries a lady has. Also its shape makes it attractive look and more concrete to specify its measurements are 3″ high by 5 1/4″ wide by 3 1/4″ deep.
  • As design it’s all about transparent glass, even in its simplicity from this point of view an attractive look. The silver touch edges make it precious and not only.
  • The engraved part comes on top, you can choose whatever you want, up to 15 characters to stay in the same price. It will be a white writing.
  • The inside bottom part is with mirror so it’s surely not a banal or classic jewelry box.
  • We found such a box at Davids Bridal, a new accessory they sell for $36.


But thinking this to be a gift for bridesmaids probably it counts the wedding type too. Usually it is wanted something related to the event and when it’s not about a high class, pompous, formal event such a jewelry box may seem too pretentious.

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