Polka Dot – A Cheerful Design Scheme for Your Wedding Invitations

There is no wonder that many couples these days try to be different from one another: is there need to identify themselves and their personality with the choice of a theme that makes them stand out from the crowd of all those other marrying couples. One theme that can make you be unique is the polka dot design scheme that will make your guests cheerful especially when they will receive their polka dot wedding invitations.

Polka Dot Wedding Invitations

These ones come in various designs and various choices to incorporate the pattern that make the cards look so different from one another. So if you were afraid that you will have similar wedding invitations with other couples, you shouldn’t worry: there are many others to choose for you, not to mention the option of even doing them on your own.

Polka Dot Wedding Invitations

You will be very delighted to find out that once you are skilled with design there are many alternatives of polka dot wedding invitations to choose from and create your DIY wedding cards. Due its versatility this design scheme can be incorporated in all sorts of styles: cheerful and fun but also elegant and vintage styled. Apart from these you are given the chance to design very posh styles of these invitations, while the same posh style is included into the unfolding of your wedding.

Polka Dot Wedding Invitations

You will be thrilled to find out that this design scheme matches very well a summer planned wedding. You have for instance choice of colors such as pink and yellow or blue and white. Both of them create a great color scheme for your polka dot wedding invitations. You are free to play with color palette and see in the end which color scheme is more on your taste.

If you go for other choices, such as silver and green for the polka dot pattern, then these colors are more appropriate for a winter seasoned wedding. If you choose to use as well a red ribbon bow to decorate the corner of the card or have it tying the sides of the three folded card, then it is even more Christmassy. Just take a look inside the online polka dot wedding invitations images and find out in how many ways you can play with this pattern to obtain  the effect that you and your wedding style are after.

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