Pop the question by truly meaning that and making all a unique moment

It comes the time when realizing you found the soul mate the next step is to make it all true your wish: spending time forever from now on. The first step for getting married is surely that emotional engagement moment. And now it’s time to show her how much you treasure her, how special is she for you. A real challenge, a stress too but when it all comes from the bottom of your heart things just go on a normal course.

How to Propose Marriage
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What’s the worry, what’s the hurry. I know you want all to be quick, she wants to relish this time but there will be no satisfaction if you don’t bring the ring. This will really surprise her and will see that you planned this all in details, that you gave your best into finding that piece of jewelry. How to propose marriage? We’ll there is no plan but we may have what to suggest you.

How to Propose Marriage
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  • Choose the time. It can be the weekend free you both have and plan nothing, during the vacancy, waiting maybe for a special occasion to come such as her birthday.
  • Now think at what will like her most, but including you too. Do you want a public proposal or intimate one? It can be something with a surprise party after. Or it can be a dinner in two ending with the big question.
How to Propose Marriage
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  • How to give the ring? Maybe walking down the street and at a moment on banners will appear the big question and you knee in front of her, at a dinner the ring being in a fortune cookie, in the champagne flute, on a roof top and so on. It is just up to you to find a place with a spectacular view, something meaningful for both of you.


How to propose marriage? Simply with the hope to get the affirmative answer.

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