Red Wedding Dresses

When we talk about weddings we can instantly imagine the bride dressed in a white wedding gown committing herself to her groom dressed in the contrasted black suit either in the form of a tux or a normally designed man suit with the black tie or papillon to go for the white shirt.

Red Wedding Dresses

But if you are a bride–to-be and start browsing for various ideas regarding the theme of your wedding and other elements that can make your wedding day be a truly distinctive one, then stepping outside the pattern of a traditional white wedding can be a start.

If you are fascinated by the Asian culture, but who isn’t in fact, especially after seeing so many movies to depict the traditions and customs of these people, you can choose the red color of an

Asian kimono to be the attire for your special wedding celebration.

It is quite trendy nowadays to have this attempt into exchanging cultural ideas and traditions with countries that are completely different in conceptions, in social structures, in perceiving and reproducing life through their artistic perspective.

The same happens in celebrating the wedding events, and if you are looking to change the Western flavor of your wedding event for an Asian flavor then the choice of a red wedding dress can be the start.

The Chinese tradition regarding the red color has its roots in the ancient China the ages that have put the permanent print on the color of a gown that in Western countries can be taken for the color of companion lady’s dress.

But you have to be more open minded and reach for the red color to be the one to decorate the aspect of your wedding cards, of your wedding decorations, as red in its fullest shades can be very pleasant to the eye.

It is indeed a festive color and as such the design of your red wedding dress can perfectly replicate the Chinese kimono.

You have several options here: either reach for an original, masterpiece Chinese kimono as the alternative of your red wedding dress, or have your own kimono sewn by a professional seamstress that can make a beautiful combination of a modern kimono cut using a fabric that has the traditional patterns of intricate Phoenix embroidery, made in a design of a red wedding dress that will hug the curves of your body.

Other embroideries are as well available; it is enough for you to browse online to find what sorts of alternatives to the fabric you have to create the red wedding dress of your bridal look.

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