Russian Wedding Dresses

Nowadays Russian wedding dresses are not very different from the ones that the rest of brides of the world use, meaning the white wedding dress with or without train, with or without sleeves as well as various styles.

There are plenty of fashion designers who have released on the Russian bridal industry with creation that made them famous all over the world, and their collections could be visited online to make yourself an ideas of the way Russian wedding dresses appear to be like in the modern days.

A feature that makes the Russian wedding dresses be different than their European peers is the richness of detail that abounds on the overall aspect of the dress. For instance if a wedding gown has ruffles on the bell shaped skirt, those ruffles are that numerous that they can go overflowing also in a long train behind the brides’ footsteps. Or if the creator of the Russian wedding dress chooses to embellish the bodice with intricate embroidery, than this embroidery is quite sophisticated and very rich in its texture and pattern.

The way the embroidery is emphasized in the design of a Russian wedding dress makes the overall appearance to resemble to an elaborate compacted lace that adds the wedding gown a touch of exquisite elegance.

The presentation of these special bridal gowns collection is made also in a way that confers the Russian wedding dresses a note of uniqueness that is brought in by the folkloric motifs that used to embellish before the Russian wedding dress.

Veil, for instance, is a dress accessory very favored by the Russian bride. One may find as well accents of colors introduced in the design of a Russian wedding dress as a reminiscent characteristics of the times when wedding gowns in Russia were colorful, designed with folkloric motifs. Red was the main color but accented as well with white thread embroidery or golden thread to adorn the general appearance of the bride when coming to join in the holy matrimony with her groom.

Apart from the sophisticated Russian wedding dress there is another alternative that the ordinary brides prefer choosing: the handmade Russian wedding dress, which most of the times can be sewn by the bride herself. In this way she can make the dress of her dreams with quite a nice amount of money saved in the manufacturing.

The art of sewing Russian girls catch it directly from school when they are taught to handle patterns and have their own dresses sewn at the electric sewing machines. The fact is that in this way a Russian wedding dress can reach the amazing price of $20 (depending on the fabric) while being not at all a second hand acquired item, but a brand new one!

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