Selecting Rock Music for Your Wedding Songs

The celebration of your wedding will require plenty of details to be taken care of, some of them being more challenging than others, such as it is with choosing the music for your wedding. Most wedding ceremonies go with the classic songs that are so traditionally used inside a wedding ceremony when the bride enters the church and heads for the other end of the aisle where the groom and the minister wait for her in a breathless atmosphere. In those moments it looks like the time stands still for allowing the bride to unfold her beauty over the entire assembly while the sounds of various classic composers’ music, such as Wagner, Mozart, Pachelbel, and others fill the ceremony hall.

rock wedding songsSource
Rock wedding songs

As to the wedding reception, well, the atmosphere can be quite noisy and entertaining in such a manner that it summons wedding guests to step on the dancing floor and start shake their bodies in the rhythm of rock wedding songs. If you have chosen rock and roll music for your wedding reception it doesn’t mean that all of it should be noisy, as rock and roll ranges on a vast array of tunes, some softer, others more rhythmical, and others that go for the classic tunes of rock from the glorious times of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Beatles, and many others.

Besides it is not necessary to focus merely on the rock wedding songs when the reception is unfolding; you can choose various styles to combine them in such a manner that pleases several tastes in music. You have to consider that not all your guests share the same musical preferences with you, therefore a combined wedding music play list would be the best choice.

Rock wedding songsSource
Rock wedding songs

The following titles can be included in your list of rock wedding songs among the other titles with the certainty that you will satisfy other musical tastes, even those who are not into rock and roll:

I couldn’t ask for more” and “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain, “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith, “Feels like home” by Chantal Kreviazuk, “Far Away” and “Never gonna be alone” by Nickelback, “Look after you” performed by The Fray, “All I want”  by Staind, “Life after you” performed by Daughtry, “You and me” by Lifehouse.

These are merely some suggestions that you can or can not include in the play list of your wedding reception. This will depend of course on how powerful you want the lyrics and the tunes to be when it comes to the various parts of the wedding reception: let’s not forget that this is the moment when your groom invites you to the first dance and you can opt for the rock wedding song that can be a love rock ballad describing your deeper feelings and emotions in the day that opens the road to a new life – the married life.

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