Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dresses have been an attraction for the young women who needed to have a variety introduced as a surprise element in the atmosphere of their wedding celebration. The style of short wedding dresses have been also preferred in the 60s and at the early times of the 70s as well, when brides-to-be needed to step out of the pattern that described the same bride dressed in a floor length-ed white wedding dress.

Those years were in fact abundant in non-conformism, in breaking the rigid and absurd rules of a society that compelled to obedience without asking questions and try to find answers.

Since those times, the trends in bridal fashion have long changed, they have undergone a lot of transformations, and as such we have reached nowadays a wedding dress that can have the features of a Renaissance gown, the hippie style, the medieval style, as well as the contemporary style that comes with the features which are on fashion at the given modern time.

As the short wedding dresses can be counted among the various collections and styles approached by famous designers, one can draw the conclusion that these special wedding gowns are indeed released by the fashion houses to belong to Oscar de la Renta and going all the way to the bridal  collections of Vera Wang.

Though short wedding dresses are not as many as their siblings, the long wedding dresses, they are still seen and visited with great interest by the future brides as a great alternative to the long traditional wedding dress. The purpose of choosing a short wedding dress over a long train-ed one, is most of the time the legerity, as well as the uniqueness. Try to imagine how a bride would look like when she had decided to wear the short wedding dress.

Another reason to go for short wedding dress is the fact that this one can be worn during the ceremony as well as after the ceremony event when the party is starting and you have to move freely both for the dancing and for entertaining the guests checking on how they feel, cheering a glass of champagne with them, and so many other things.

If you put it this way you can see that it is rather useless to pay huge amount of money for a long train-ed wedding dress and realize that in fact this dress will have to be exchanged during the wedding party as you can not at all have the easiness in moves while dancing a cha-cha-cha or a swing or God knows how many other dancing styles!

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