Should You Tip the Wedging Vendors?

The planning of your wedding include a lot of things that are related most of all to the available budget, this is why you should consider everything that is connected to money, tipping wedding vendors included. But with the tips is quite a delicate thing, as you can never know for sure whom you are supposed to tip and how much in order for everybody to be satisfied. When you do the accounting for an estimative overall expenditure, you could add on the list of your vendors, next to each service that they offer a small percentage in order to make sure that you got everything covered up when it comes to expenses.

When the actual planning starts and you will get in touch with each of the vendors involved in the process of the wedding preparation, make sure that you thoroughly read the contracts before signing and look for the tipping wedding vendors detail – is this one stipulated inside the contract or is it optional? Some vendors might automatically cover this monetary detail when they make their services offer as such making sure that the bill they will cut will cover the usual standard gratuity.

The following list will comprise the vendors that are involved in your wedding planning evolution along with the percentage that can be considered as tipping wedding vendors to allow you have an idea on how much you should put aside for this matter:

* For the rehearsal dinner – 20% will be more likely added at the total bills in most of the restaurants, especially if it is a large party.

* The manicurist, hairstylist and make up artist – they are usually tipped from 15 to 20% of the total expense and this amount should be handed over when the job is completed.

* Musicians for the wedding ceremony – the usual tipping goes from $20 to $25 per musician and this is expected to be paid at the end of the ceremony. It is customary that either the best man or the father of the bride to present the envelope to the band of musicians.

* The officiant that is hired to perform the wedding ceremony – usually the tipping here goes for $100 at least or you can choose to make a donation to the respective church or cult place where the ceremony takes place.

* All kind of transportation (both for the delivered goods and your wedding guests) – when it comes to the delivery of goods, this can include the floral set up, the wedding cake, the set up of the tent, the decoration setting and so on. Generally the tipping goes for $10 to $25 per individual, depending of course on the hardship of the specific set up.

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