Simple Ideas for Wedding Favors

In our last article we’ve talked about wedding favors, their tradition and what they symbolize. Today I’m going to give you some suggestions of wedding favors that might suit you as a glove.

Box themed candy If you don’t want to give up the tradition of the 5 major significance wedding candy, you can opt for a range of cheerful and colorful boxes of different shapes: sprinkler, flower, carriage, vintage car, wedding dress, groom suits.

With a little imagination, you can create a pleasant surprise to your guest. You can choose from the classic colored boxes, even if they don’t have a special design or from organza bags or tulle. The choice is entirely yours.

Wedding Bells Favors Traditionally, guests would clink their glasses with silverware at the reception, but for a more refined and sophisticated option, you can use silver bells, a traditional symbol of marriage.

Bells are distributed to each guest on arrival or placed next to their plates at the table and they are used to ask the couple for a kiss. Should you decide on wedding bell favors, remember to use a long-lasting lipstick and get your lips ready; kissing bells are sure to be ringing!

Candles Decorative candles are a pleasant memory as any other accessory offered to a guest. Sometimes scented candles may be the preferred gift for the ladies. They are very nice and they come in various shapes and colors.

Key rings If you want your wedding favor to be more personal then key rings are the just the thing you need. You can let your imagination run wild and go for thematic trinkets (snowflake, flower and butterfly, playing cards or heart), crystal figurines: clam, swan, flower, dolphin, perfume bottle or bottle cap, etc. Key rings with the name of your guest and their signification, or it may just be a picture of the grooms; the idea is to be personalized.

Photo Frames. Photo frames are very popular. They usually contain a picture of the bride and groom, their name and, of course, the date of the wedding.

Among the most common thematic frames we include: frames with marine accessories, floral elements, leaves or simply hand painted ones.

Bookmarks shaped as a star, flower, heart, or leaf, they all represent a pleasant way to remind your guest of the wedding, even when they are enjoying a good book.

Hand-held fans and cigars If your wedding is during the hot season, an ideal gift for your guests is a fan of silk, wood or paper. Especially for men, you can choose a fine cigar to complete the whole picture of aristocratic wedding.

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