Some gorgeous wedding rings

While men go on a simple style women are sophisticated and want intricate design wedding ring. It’s a choice you make now and forever as the marriage too so we understand the challenge you deal with, the incertitude of stopping at one style type. It depends not only on the budget but on each one’s personal preferences. But one thing is sure, all couples want gold rings.

6 Gorgeous Gold Wedding Rings
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In the traditional way yellow gold rings are chosen, for modern couples the ultimate style is about white gold rings. Anyway we present you a top 6 gorgeous gold wedding rings. Which one would you like to wear?

6 Gorgeous Gold Wedding Rings
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  1. White gold wedding ring for ladies, from Novori. Of 14k, polished finish and princess cut diamonds, in front center there are 4 gems of such kind, hollowed style. The cost is $1.400.
  2. Diamonds and sapphires wedding ring. In a long row of alternative gems, the same white gold of 14 k this one costs a little bit more, $1.900.
  3. 14k wedding rings set with two nuances of gold. These are simple polished finish style and in front center they have out of white gold the half heart design, ennobled with diamonds. You find them at an attractive price at Jewelry Vortex.
6 Gorgeous Gold Wedding Rings
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  1. White gold wedding rings although simple design appealing in the hammered finish first and the accentuated edges in two ways, once the polished line finish and secondly with the braided line design.
  2. The 7 mm width wedding ring, platinum. It’s a satin finish style and in front center a line polished finish where it can be the engraved text you want. Signed Christian Bauer its cost is over $2.000.
  3. The twisted design, meaning two rows of diamond on the ring that in front center twist or the ring shape is bent. Ernest Jones has some interesting rings of such kind.


Which is your gorgeous gold wedding ring?

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