Special Wedding Favors-The Asian Style

There is a common thing for wedding couples to incorporate in the atmosphere of their wedding celebration pieces of their culture and heritages; in fact weddings are family and cultural events that are celebrated in the traditional notes of the ethnical inheritance adding special flavor to the festivity. The same is with Asian wedding favors that have become popular not only in the Asian wedding celebration, but also for many couples who are in search of giving their wedding day a special note.

Apart from these Asian wedding favors, there are choices of Asian decorations that can be very colorful along with Asian food serving filled with exotic flavors and specialties one more delicious than the other. If you have decided to include Asian wedding favors as a special addition to your wedding reception, here are some ideas that can help you choose for having them placed on your wedding tables.

* Fortune cookies – can be considered very delicious treats completed with messages of happiness as well as thank you notes for your guests attendance. You can choose to have them presented in specially made bamboo boxes tied with red silk ribbons or simply glue a rich bow on top of the tiny box lid. You can find these fortune cookies in various Chinese restaurants and in case you want to add your special messages, talk to the chef of the restaurant to introduce your messages along with their fortune notes.

* Silk hand fans – are many times preferred as Asian wedding favors and as such you would want to have them personalized with your names sewed on the ribbon that is used to wear the fan around the wrist.

* Peonies decorative ensemble – you can use silk made pink or white peonies that are placed inside a small vase (white for pink peonies and pink vase for white peonies) that can be personalized and offered to your guests as decorative ensemble for your Asian wedding favors.

* Chopsticks – they can be nicely personalized with your names and date of your wedding celebration; visiting various websites that are specialized in Asian wedding favors you can locate a wide range of assortments of different styles of chopsticks.

* Crane mates for life – this is a truly Japanese custom for the brides who are said to fold paper cranes before their special day and in this way they will have a successful marriage. These cranes created in the origami technique can be used as beautiful Asian wedding favors also for your Asian themed wedding, so do not waste any more time and start learning the technique that is truly a monument of patience and a great experience!

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