Special Wedding Rings – Two Tone Style

When deciding what to choose for the style of your wedding bands, you can go for two tone wedding rings , as styles that can definitely stand out from the wide range of designs imprinted in the aspect of these symbolic items that tie a couple for life.

Planning to get married will draw the first thought into your mind way before even thinking to write the wedding invitations – the choice of wedding rings. Some couples opt for simple designs, the traditional wide gold made flat bands engraved or not on reverse with the date of their commitment.

But this option mostly belongs to our parents’ generations when fashion wasn’t yet a concept to apply to wedding rings. These items were seen first of all as the symbol to distinguish the singles from married individuals. There was no need for embellishing the surface of the wedding rings since their purpose was clearly defined.

Whoever wanted to wear a ring to embellish their hands used to wear various designs of silver made or gold made rings. The alternative of white gold was quite rarely met and many people in need of showing off their wealth (gold being considered as well the symbol of wealth) preferred wearing heavy, intricately designed gold rings. If these ones had the display of a precious stone on top of it, the better!

But with the 70s the era of silver and white precious metal was at its dawn gaining more popularity and as such combination of two tone metals started to be used in the experimented workshops of the jewelers. This is how step by step the special wedding rings – two tone style began to come into wedding couples attention as distinctive designs that step out of the commonly met wedding bands.

The two tone wedding rings are most of the times designed as a gold band that is encircled at the two edges with white precious metal bands that can be either white gold or platinum.

The gold band in the middle can have various decorative symbols that are related to the meaning of marriage, such as they are the Celtic symbols that have to do with unity, eternal love, dedication.

It is up to the wedding couple’s choice to decide which two tone wedding rings are the ones to outline their beliefs, their feelings they have toward the definition of marriage.

Once knowing how you feel and what are the thoughts and feelings that have driven you to take this important decision of our life, you will know which of the special wedding rings – two tone style are the most appropriate to you!

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