Spoiled with luxury- how celebrities proudly show their wedding rings

When it comes about Hollywood, about the sparkling celebrity life we expect at something opulent. Well they afford to have a wedding of millions dollars. Until then though ladies proudly show off their engagement rings, again of millions of dollars. Celebrity weddings rings 2014 is a top that both inspire you and let yourself speechless.

Celebrity weddings rings 2014
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Top celebrity engagement jewelry

Besides the fact that they afford celebrities always set and follow trends. In a top of celebrity weddings rings 2014 you’ll see that styles vary but they all are gorgeous famous brand precious rings:

Mila Kunis is so happy lately and not just for having the lovely relationship with Ashton. Her solitaire ring is the proof of his love. But as expensive as they are in showing off their love in public the same happens with the ring- there’s not even a close estimated price for that we believe it’s simply unique.

Jennifer Aniston is supposing to prepare to get married this year too. Her ring says that, a gorgeous and big ring. It’s a rose-cut diamond with yellow gold.

Mary-Kate Olsen. Her ring defines so simply: Cartier, vintage style. The estimated value of this ring is about $81,000. It’s big, classic cut and besides the big rock there is a row of sapphire blue gems that make a great contour of all.

Kim Kardashian is also proud of her ring she received from Kanye. Signed Lorraine Schwartz this 15 caract ring it is, needless to say, very expensive, exclusivist design.

Scarlett Johansson wears a rectangular shaped ring with diamonds of course, an intricate design that she doesn’t hide at all. While at her previous engagement she had a golden band with a rock worth $30,000 we can only imagine that this time the ring is much more expensive.

Name the price of love

When it comes about money celebrities less think about this, they are willing to give whatever it takes and no blame for that. Celebrity weddings rings 2014 cost enough as to be amazed and consider they really worth. With a hard way to concretely define a price we can’t just presume the bill. In a top of the most expensive rings of such kind we know for sure that Hilary Duff is a lucky owner of a ring that is worth 1 million dollars, Beyoncé with a 5 million dollars ring but of all times Elizabeth Taylor is unequalled. She had a 8,89 million dollars ring from Richard Burton.

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