Spring Wedding Flowers

Tulips are the obvious favorite for spring! They come in a myriad of colors: near black purple, blues, reds, pinks, yellows, orange and even white. They do start to droop slightly in an arrangement but they can be straightened out by wrapping them in newspaper and then set the stems in water overnight.

For arrangements plan on purchasing and arranging the tulips the day before–no more than two days prior to the reception for best looking blooms.Tulips are an ideal choice for simple wedding bouquet styles, particularly as tulips are said to mean perfect love; red tulips mean true love, purple tulips mean royalty and yellow tulips mean cheerful thoughts.

Orchids are ideal cut flowers as they last for up to a week and hold their shape. Available naturally in whites, greens and purples you can also find white ones dyed in all colors such as vibrant blue. Keep in mind the dyed ones tend to seep dye into the water in your vases, so be sure to change the water if you don’t like this look. A great choice since orchid arrangements can be made several days in advance and still look fresh.

The Gerber Daisy, or Gerbera, is available in a wide variety of colors so they are useful to create a color harmony in combination with other flowers, especially tulips.The Gerber Daisy is a perennial or annual plant, depending on the species and cultivar. The Gerber Daisy has large, dramatic flowers in colors of red, yellow, orange and pink; it has a long stalk, so can be used for wedding floral arrangements as well as in bridal bouquets.

The Gerber Daisy is an excellent flower choice for brides who wish to make a statement as it adds dramatic color to any wedding bouquet; daisy themed weddings are now becoming a popular choice for Spring brides.

Lily of the Valley has a short season around April and May. The beautiful small white flowers have a distinctive fragrance that many people love. It works well for gentelmen’s buttonholes (boutonnieres) as well as for bridal bouquets. It is one of the more expensive flowers considering its size. And if you want to get it out of season you will need very deep pockets indeed.

Hyacinths have their main season in spring. I like using them as much for their lovely fragrance as their delicate shape and color. Some people think of hyacinths as being a bit stuffy and old-fashioned but in the hands of a good florist they can match many more ‘modern’ flowers for beauty. They can work particularly well as a secondary flower in an arrangement, for example with roses.

And speaking of Roses, most bridal bouquets and arrangements include roses. Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. ‘Rose’ means pink or red in a variety of languages (such as Romance languages, Greek, and Polish). The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love referred to as Aphrodite and Venus. If you’re thinking of roses for your wedding, consider planning your bridal flowers and wedding bouquets around one of the symbolic themes attached to the color of roses. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only person who understands the significance of the color scheme. It’s your day, it’s your wedding, and it’s your choice

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