Styles of Wedding Cakes

When you plan your wedding day, you will always reach to the point where styles have their word to say, the same happening for the wedding cakes styles when the time has come to consider the aspect of your impressive wedding dinner dessert. Thus you will find out that many styles of wedding cakes are available, and due to this fact you will have sometimes hard moments in finding the best one and the most appropriate for your wedding celebration.

But before reaching to the best one and the most matching one for your wedding, when you should consider plenty of factors, you should first see what wedding cakes styles are available on the market of bakers and cake decorators. To be more informed and before venturing into ordering one, you should access the online websites that offer not only styles and recipes, but also images to reveal to you the various options and for you to be able to decide in a less stressful way. The following wedding cakes styles will be displayed:

* The classic wedding cake – this one would be the round or square cake that has multiple tiers, generally they stop at 3 or 4, although many can consider it made in other tiers added, till the cake reaches impressive heights. This wedding cake style can have its icing, decoration and topper according to the couple’s personality and wedding theme as well.

* The wedding cake that is shaped according to the holiday that hosts the celebration – this style of wedding cake can get the shape of a heart in case the wedding event is held during the Valentine’s Day, or there can be the wedding cake in the shape of a bunny for couples celebrating their wedding during Easter time. According to the year’s holiday the wedding cake topper can get various shapes, from angels, hearts, to Cupid’s symbol, all of them are offered as well under the option of being made of various non-edible materials turning them into nice memories for the future married life.

* Wedding cakes that are made of cupcakes – this wedding cake style can be beautifully decorated with various colors of icing that is let dripping on the sides, showing a combination of colors that are both variously flavored and tasty. These styles of wedding cakes are appropriate for garden weddings, for a less formal style of a wedding, as the serves can be as well enjoyed while guests are standing up.

* The croquembouch wedding cake style has become a hot trend. Due to its possibilities of being uniquely decorated many wedding couples favor it, not to mention that it tastes divinely, as with any other French sophisticated and refined dessert.

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