Summer time, summer wedding ideas

Each season is another story. Alike nature that reveals it’s beauty in different stages wedding trends vary and differ.

If you have a summer time wedding don’t forget about trends and improve your wedding decor and style with some amazing ideas.

While the majority will correlate summer time with a beach wedding not only this can be an impressive point for your guests and a flattering wedding decision for the grooms.

The hot summer wedding ideas for 2021 are unique ways to make it all fabulous, starting with the location and ending with small details such as the entrance sign or the drinks to serve.

Hot Summer Wedding Ideas for 2021


Ideas for 2021 weddings

Not forgetting that this year trends bring in the spotlights the vibrant orchid as color and the fact that pastels are mostly likely to be used anytime in various combinations no matter what you choose from this point of view the hot summer wedding ideas for 2021 should also include:

If you have an outdoor wedding the landscape will impress enough but inside is another story. Bring colorful up lighting projecting textured images on the ceiling.

Even when admiring the decor looking up your guests will have another thing to be amazed by.

Wedding wishes in a bucket. Either rustic and embellished in this way, better be a wooden one, either the marine style for a beach wedding and better be a sheet metal.

Apart of what you can think this is a great idea since in its simplicity it brings a pure style. And you’ve got to admit that it is original.

As favors try the fans idea. In a personalized basket guests will be pleased to have an extra option to cool them.

Paper flowers are a trend this year so a great idea is also the tissue party poms, hanging on the ceiling, outdoor at the tent or even indoor.

DIY decorations

With so many expenses of your wedding it is clearly that you would like more but you need money.

For those hot summer wedding ideas for 2014 you can keep the balance with the do it yourself possibility. Opt for tall tables as the bar ones where you can and put on them covers embellished with lace flowers or petals.

Add lights on the trees, spread petals on the aisle and provoke yourself to do home made ice cream as treats in rainbow colors.

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