Summer Wedding Colors

Choosing the right wedding colors for your event is one of the most important steps.

Traditionally, summer wedding colors are bright and sharp – think about how everything seems much more vivid when the sun is shining!

When it comes to wedding ideas, summer brides have limitless possibilities

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting colors for your summer themed wedding. The fact is that this is your special day and you should do whatever makes you feel happy.

Pastel colors, which are more preferred in the spring season, are not out of place during a summer wedding.

In fact, you can sprinkle some pastel hues on your invitations. Accentuate the bridesmaids’ dresses with pastel objects.

Pastel colors complement the bright and bold hues of summer.

When deciding about what color scheme to follow, think of the sun, sky, crystal waters in the beach, the flowers, and the bees.

The color of the ocean is also the shade of peace and relaxation. It adds a dreamy, tranquil element to your wedding, as well as a touch of glamour.

Try something fun and use Navy Blue which has a nautical, clean feel. You won’t want to introduce too many other colors if using navy, though. Keep it to accents of white and green, as in foliage-green.

These hues work well with classic, elegant weddings.

White is one of the first colors that comes to mind when planning a wedding, regardless of season.

So, to make your white wedding work as the perfect summer wedding color additions of green, bold blues, and free-flowing bouquets are small things to make it really fresh and summery. Great summer wedding color combos for white include blue, green, and pink.

Pink and red is also a good pair of summer wedding motif. Roses are the best ways to represent this theme.

You can use all shades of pink and red, and surely, love will flourish during the event. Deep red can be elegant and timeless, lighten it to a pink and you have a sweet, romantic color. Use all shades of both colors and romance will bloom everywhere.

Try incorporating fibers of white lights, heart patterned chocolates, flute and harp music, candles, and programs topped with sheer overlays.

Lavender works so well for summer weddings because it conjures up images of Mediterranean Europe and gentle afternoons in the park.

One of favorite themes for a summer wedding is, in fact lavender! With lavender spilling into favors (lavender tea or lavender plants), and even your menu (lavender shorbet or lavender pork) it’s a uniquely beautiful start to a summer wedding theme.

Great color combos for lavender include terracotta and bright pink and yellow.

Gold is the color of wedding rings and champagne. It’s elegant, timeless and gives everything an air of sophistication.

Best of all, it can be combined with just about any shade for beautiful results.

Gold pairs beautifully with lavender for a bright, cheery scheme. Add magenta to this combination to really brighten up the occasion

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