Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is most of the times the favorite season to host a wedding celebration and not only.

Due to the fact that it calls for easy to wear outfit, for the fact that many beautiful venues can be chosen to hold the celebration of both wedding ceremony and reception, summer is definitely the preferred season when it comes to the choice of flowers.

Summer wedding flowers are numerous in this respect, nature is very generous with us when the summertime is here and the ‘joie de vivre’ is present all over the place with explosion of nature’s beauty in its most obvious manifestation: summer flowers.

Summer Wedding Flowers

As a wedding invitee, I have never paid too much attention to the presence of flowers, I mean their type of bloom or even their colors, but I found out pretty recently that my friend who got married last week end paid a lot of consideration toward this wedding element that was meant to outline the joyful ambient of the wedding event.

She told me after the wedding was consumed, that it took her and her family as well plenty of days before deciding on the type of blooms meant to be included not only in the bridal bouquet, but also the other details that asked for the unique presence of a floral decoration.

Summer Wedding Flowers 2021

This was how I found out the summer wedding flowers, though they came in large variety of blooms, colors and availability, they symbolize something in the life of the bride and the future that a marriage was supposed to bring to her.

Of course, that I was quite familiar with meaning of red roses, or the meaning of a lily-of-a-valley, some flowers simply speak to us through their own unfolding.

But I never knew the significance that lies behind the bloom of a daffodil or a carnation or a calla lily as well.

Not to mention that each bloom goes by separate symbol if the color changes in the blooming appearance.

My friend told me that it took her some time before reaching to the choice of summer wedding flowers for her bouquet (which by the way I learned to pay more attention once I have seen the photos and admired her cascading type of bridal bouquet) and after that the choices for her bridesmaid bouquet, for the corsages and button holes options of summer time flowers, and last, but not least for the choices of summer wedding flowers used as decorative symbols for church and reception hall.

Bridal Bouquet

The more she deepened into the matter, the more I started to realize that the decision of blooms, their colors and decorative styles can cost a bride-to-be much time as well as plenty of research in case she doesn’t decide to have a florist as a consultant for the decorative aspect of her important day.

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