Summer Weddings

Summer is a favorite season to get married in, with the longer days and bloom of all the flowers.

Is fresh, happy  and suggestive of the colors of the flowers, the sun, and the green grass.When it comes to wedding ideas, summer brides have limitless possibilities.

Summer Weddings

Complementing summer schemes include any two shades of a light, bright blue; pale or bright pink and yellow; mint green or forest green and white or blue; a light and dark purple; gold and green; and even red paired with orange or pink like the sunset.

Summer weddings are ripe for an outdoor setting such as a beach, a garden, or a beautiful yard.

Take advantage of the long days with an afternoon wedding, or highlight the glorious sunsets by saying your vows as the sun goes down behind you.

Use fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate — perhaps including clementines and cumquats in your flower arrangements, or simply filling a large vase with bright yellow lemons.

Bring light to an evening wedding with torches and strings of lanterns in the trees. An extra-summery idea is to use gingham tablecloths with a few sunflowers in metal watering cans as centerpieces.

Summer Weddings

Don’t forget to provide heat relief. No matter how much you love the sun, your guests will probably want a few ways to escape the heat.

Make sure an outdoor venue offers some shade or air-conditioning and set up an area where your guests can grab cold beverages as well.

As temperature rises during the summertime, brides need to be best prepared for the heat.

In order for you to feel great and not be drenched with sweat, consider breezy dresses with airy silhouettes and light fabrics for a a summertime affair.

For the wedding dress, think organdy, linen, chiffon, crepe, georgette, or any light-weight silk. Bridesmaids dresses in linen, eyelet, or seersucker will ensure your girls are comfortable.

You may want to forego tuxes and dress the guys in traditional Cape Cod style – khakis, blue sport coats, and colorful ties, or morning suits for a more formal affair.

Summer Weddings

Summer is the time for fruity blended drinks and signature mixed cocktails. Keep your fare on the light side, think salad bar, fresh fruit and shrimp cocktail for appetizers. Serve big bowls of cherries.

Main courses should remain simple and light as well: fresh seafood is a perfect choice for a summer wedding also chicken and fish as opposed to heavy pastas and beef.

And the cake doesn’t even have to be a cake! Think tiered cupcakes with frosting to match your color scheme.

Other good summer dessert options include berries with whipped cream and an ice cream sundae bar.

Create a laid-back vibe during your cocktail hour and dinner with steel drums or a singer accompanied with a ukulele.

For the reception, heat up the evening with sultry sounds, it’s a wonderful idea to incorporate classic swing or big band music to add a fast, upbeat tempo to the evening.

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