Surprising guests, flattering yourself- weddings outdoor

Not all the time possible or at least depending on your area an outdoor wedding implies a few risks and much more work but besides these it is a real pleasure for all, as for grooms as for guests. The most common venue for that is a beach of course, the intimate romantic decor ever. Lucky those that live there but you don’t have to go to seaside or abroad for that and today we come with ideas for outdoor wedding venues.

Outdoor wedding venues

Hard to nominate in each area a place for such a wedding but in general couples with such a preference set their plan according to what they like, the space, the budget, number of guests and location availability plus the distance. When it comes about the concrete places it can be about:

Outdoor wedding venues
  • A garden outdoor wedding. There are multiple options here from a private garden of a rented summer house to botanical garden why not. It is true that you need approbation from the city hall, maybe even to pay a fee but nothing impossible. Unusual, full of inspiration.
  • To a sport club. Fans of sports? You may get the approval to enjoy your wedding time on the golf course. After all this is what defines you both and for the guests it will be nothing else but totally original location chosen.
Outdoor wedding venues
  • At the countryside. Renting a cottage, making all a western of farm inspired wedding theme decor will mean for the venue to be the splendor of land as surrounding. And so you have available the indoor too as backup plan but as accommodation too.
  • At a hotel. And not only for the garden outdoor wedding, the terrace available but on rooftop. It comes with emotions of being that high, sick of highness for some but the view is breathtaking, mostly at night with all the lights on and seeing the whole city from high up there.

Anywhere where you can afford to go and plan the wedding may have this option so on the beach, to mountains, to a holiday resort the garden if available can be booked just for you. Outdoor wedding venues are easy to find but come along with some extra costs but for some it means a lot and is more spiritual at least the ceremony to be held outside, surrounded by nature.

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