Sweet and delicious candy treats for the guests- who doesn’t like marshmallows?

With a tradition behind at the wedding party guests receive at their turn too a small gift, more like a symbolic one. It says thanks for participating first but also it comes with symbolism for the day event. For example the almonds express life itself, sweet but a quite bitter taste sometimes too. If it is eatable the majority thinks at chocolate but we suggest today marshmallows wedding favors.

Marshmallow wedding favors
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Nostalgic ones will say these remind them about childhood; others say it is just a sweet desert alternative idea. Anyway there are surely some concerns about this and we come to clarify them. First of all, is such a wedding favor type good to my wedding? Indeed in a measure it depends on the wedding theme, type to choose the favors. Having marshmallows as gifts for the guests it takes your mind to a hippie wedding, to a rustic, garden, informal one maybe too.

Marshmallow wedding favors
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But let’s not forget that it is also about the wrapping, the way you present and offer the favors to make them suitable for the event type. And here we get to the next concern: what are my options? Marshmallows wedding favors come in a variety of styles, design, colors.

Marshmallow wedding favors
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Usually marshmallows pops they can have a heart shape to suggest the love celebration a wedding is about, to have the shape and look of a mini bride and groom, to be the blue fish design for a beach wedding or just colored to define the wedding colors decor.


How about the prices? A simple marshmallow wedding favor can be around $2, with a heart shape around $8, a chocolate cupcake marshmallow is $18 and as more the design is a detailed one the price raises.

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