The awkward situation ever- the ex invited at your wedding?

Life brings us in unexpected situations and when we can’t avoid that it’s a matter of patience and education to pass through it with dignity and head up. How can you manage the situation when it comes to your ex invited at the event, what’s the wedding etiquette? Actually there’s no such thing.

It could be about the ex-husband of one of the parents of the bride or groom, it could be about the ex-wife or husband of yours so how to you handle the situation? Considering you don’t need any wedding etiquette for that it’s a matter of personal decision. The situation can be in 2 variants: you are either friends or not so you invite him or her or not.

ex wedding etiquette
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It’s more than awaked and if not for you then maybe for others around or definitely for your partner to see the even at the wedding. Out of respect and or just so to show that there are no resentments you can send an invitation but don’t expect for him or her to come as besides the etiquette you consider you have to follow the other side has too.

Now it depends from case to case what attitude to adopt. It may be the case of the ex-husband or wife with whom you have a kid or your partner has so it’s not strange at all to invite them to the wedding, them all. Now coming or not it’s the other side decision hence once you start a relationship with your partner, know his or her past you have to embrace the idea from the very beginning.

To conclude, there’s no such thing as wedding etiquette for your ex and how to invite or if to invite him or her and it all resumes to talking with your wife or husband to be.

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