The Beauty of Fondant Wedding Cakes

Fondant wedding cakes have become more and more popular across USA, although at the beginning they were more preferred with British and Australian weddings. This type of cake can be made in a simple form at by adding ribbons and/or fresh flowers for a cheerful and classic look or they can be also more sophisticated with a true of work of art to include lace imitation, filigree or flood work.

Fondant Wedding CakesSource
Fondant Wedding Cakes

There are various ways in which fondant wedding cakes can be offered to the wedding couples and if you are one of those brides decided to have this one at your wedding, just read on to see what beauties these fond at wedding cakes can turn into.

* The marbling fondant icing – it gives quite a special effect especially when using more colors. These can enhance the vibrations of the overall aspect or you can choose only one or two colors for a softer note.

Fondant Wedding CakesSource
Fondant Wedding Cakes

* Embossed fondant icing – is made through the use of special tools for embossing and you can choose your own pattern for embossing or just select one from the available ones in the bakery store.

* Modeling fondant wedding cake – there are rolled fondants that can be used into modeling almost any shape that you come up with. You can go for small items such as animals, flowers, fruits or whatever you and the cake decorator considers appropriate for the style of your fondant wedding cake.

Fondant Wedding Cakes Source
Fondant Wedding Cakes

* There is also the option to incorporate fondant icing shapes – these ones come in various formats and colors to match your wedding needs.

* Blossoms plunged in fondant icing – these ones can be used for almost any colorful and flowery wish of your fondant wedding cake. The chosen blooms can be used as well in various alternatives for decorations, some come in cascading, others around the tiers, others in clusters to decorate the overall format of your wedding cake and the top of the cake, as well.

* The draped fondant – this idea of decorating a fondant wedding cake looks as if the cake is not made for cutting and eating, but mostly for admiring its elegance. In case you choose the white frosting that comes with drapes of golden colored fondant, then you are guaranteed to have problems in cutting this beauty. You will definitely have hard times in choosing between eating or simply keeping it as one of your wedding exquisite items.

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