The Bestman Speech

Even though it is an honor to be nominated as bestman at a wedding, it’s also a task many people would rather not undertake. One of the primary reasons for this opinion is because of having to give the bestman speech a the wedding reception.  Unless you are accustomed to frequently standing up in front of a large crowd and speaking, the bestman speech can be a nerve-racking task for even the most stout of heart and fearless of friends.

During the marriage reception, the attention and the pressure turns to the bestman to say some memorable words about the bride and groom. The speech should be sincere, heartfelt and entertaining all at the same time, but for many men, it is a task that brings sweat to their brow and makes their mouth as dry as a desert.
Certainly, part of the pressure of the bestman speech also comes from wanting to say just the right thing and not create an embarrassing moment during the couple’s special day. The good news is that the wedding speech from the bestman does not have to be as difficult as some people make it out to be.

Writing the bestman speech will require some focused time, a fair amount of patience, some creativity and some hard work. If someone thought highly enough of you to ask you to do the honors of serving as their bestman, then you should know that you are on the right track.Focus on the relationship that you have with the couple and the good times that you have enjoyed together. Soon, you will have the foundation for some wonderful words about them that you can share with friends and family.Some of the things that will help you formulate your speech are the following: your relationship with them and the reasons they chose you as the bestman; basic and simple descriptions of them and their personalities; five positive adjectives for each of them; what the groom was like before meeting his bride and how he has changed in the course of their courtship; how they met and how their relationship developed; marital advice you feel qualified to share and any amusing stories or anecdotes that you know about them that will help others at the ceremony gain insights about them as a couple.

You will also find additional helpful resources online to assist in the writing of a wedding speech or wedding toast. There are many sites that give examples of marriage speeches and toasts that can be used to spark ideas or even a basic outline.If the couple has chosen a specific theme for their ceremony, then the theme can also be useful in adding special elements to the speech that help illustrate the couple’s personality and taste.Part of the role of the bestman speech is to shift the mood from the formal tone that was maintained during the wedding ceremony and transform it to a more mellow and relaxed mood for the celebration during the wedding reception.Applying humor to the marriage speech can help with that transition, but any humor used should only be kept on high notes and should never cause embarrassment to the couple.

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