The Bright Side of Yellow Dresses from Your Bridesmaids

Yellow will always remind us of the brightness of the sun, but also of its warm and soft touch, and selecting yellow bridesmaids dresses for your best friends to wear at your wedding celebration can be a great choice. Many brides consider the choice of yellow color as great contrasting one for dark red colored flowers or burgundy colored blooms along with choices of dark, navy blue this one being the most favored for weddings that are organized under a color scheme theme.
Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses
For fall themed weddings, yellow choice is again a happy choice as it can mix very well with the brown and rusty colors of the autumnal nature. The only thing is that once you have decided for yellow bridesmaids dresses you need to make sure that your friends’ personality matches very well with this color. In the event that the plain simple yellow doesn’t suit your friends, or even if it is for a single one, then you would maybe consider selecting their attire in a combination of yellow and purple, as these two can lead to a very regal appearance that complies very spectacular with a sumptuous ling trained white bridal gown.
Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses
If you consider wearing a colored wedding dress, then you should go for plain and simple yellow bridesmaids dresses as long as yellow combines well with the color of your wedding attire. Do not forget that there will be the wedding photos you need to take and you wouldn’t want for them to be ruined just because the choice of the colors was inappropriately joined one with the other.

The selection should consider as well the type of fabric, this one ranging from sheer cotton to satin and Lycra, each one of them giving a different appearance to the overall yellow bridesmaids dress aspect. Along with the factors mentioned above, there is another matter to take into consideration: the bridesmaids flowers. Make sure that the choice of their blooms will match with the blooms of your bridal bouquet, especially in the color aspect.
Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses
Do not pick up flowers colored white or yellow. Or if you want them to be part of your bridal bouquet and that of your bridesmaids, then you can use combination of red colored blooms or everything else that comes in darker nuances for a great, spectacular contrast.

As a conclusion: do not use a plain yellow bridesmaids dress for the one who is blonde. In this case, use darker colored sashes and kerchiefs that can be worn elegantly around the neck and at the waist line for a good outlining of your bridesmaids’ features.

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