The Choice of Wedding Flowers Sprays

Wedding flowers sprays have always been seen as an alternative to the various other styles of bridal bouquets as they can be worn alongside the bride’s arm when she walks the aisle. A ‘spray’, how they are usually referred to, is comprised of some long stemmed flowers that are tide together in a bunch and carried as mentioned in a cradled gesture of the arm.

Many brides will say that wedding flowers sprays are not the types that can be used to make that bridal bouquet that a bride is supposed to toss at the young women after the ceremony is over and she is already married. With tossing the bridal bouquet, she will hand over the ‘flame’ for one of the single young women who catches the bouquet to be the next in line to get married.

Indeed it is so, there won’t be any more tossing of bridal bouquet, as many times these sorts of wedding flower sprays are mostly preferred by brides who are at their second marriage or who have a more casual type of their wedding. Along with these reasons, we find also wedding flower sprays to be favored by the tall brides, as an elongated shape of floral bunch can complement the look of the bride, adding up to her elegance.

Another reason for choosing wedding flower sprays is the costs of the flowers. Most of the times, the bridal bouquet as well as those of the bridesmaids alone can cost more than the table floral arrangements depending of course of the choice of blooms and accessories to go with the decoration of the bouquets. But when it comes to the choice of wedding flower sprays, the prices of these ones can cut these expensive costs by more than half of the usual costs.

Oh, by the way, these wedding flower sprays can be the choices of long stem blooms that grow in  your mother’s garden and to these ones you just need to add some decorative items (colorful ribbons and greenery) and make them look unique complementing your bridal appearance also in a quite unique manner. For the bridesmaids choices of bouquets you can cut the long stemmed flowers and make small posies that can be smaller replicas of your bridal wedding flowers sprays bouquet.

For the table arrangements and the spaces in the church, the option of wedding flower sprays is also favored over the expensive versions as you can easily put them in tall slim vases with a piece of greenery and as such you can obtain a subtle floristic effect with less expense but more delicacy added to your wedding ambiance.

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