The contrast of black and gold for your wedding decor

Despite of your wedding theme that brings details of a spectacular look the colors you choose have a great influence in the overall view. With appealing and well-chosen combinations you create a dreamy look of your wedding location. And it’s a matter of taste and style for each couple of what to choose, plus the expression each one wants. But today we propose the gold and black wedding ideas.

gold and black wedding ideas
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With different opinions about such a combination of nuances before the decision to be a sure one affirmative or not think more about this and take into account:

It’s a fabulous, glamorous view, the intense nuances that create the contrast, elegant at the same time. Thus you’ll probably meet some challenges when it comes about flowers.

Opt for black plates as they are really admirable and golden ones to be the modern way.

It can be the New Year’s theme wedding, the glittery part for you being the golden touch at the decorations. Or think at the Walk of Fame, Hollywood theme and the golden stars to be the main concept in your decorations.

A curtain of lights, all the golden view touch can be part of your decor too. The classic candles have here a perfect spot and even the bride can be the modern look one with some golden touch parts of her wedding dress if black is too sober.

Opt for stripes as combination of gold and black to keep a balanced view and a proportion of these two colors.
A gold and black wedding is the clear image of elegance, the idea of imposed style, impressive no matter what types of decorations you use actually

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