The Costs of a Wedding Planner

Setting already the wedding date, many couples for fear not to miss something throughout the process of a wedding planning and also because they might lack the necessary time, they look for the wedding planner prices to get an idea on what is there they should expect to. The source that can bring them this sort of information was, is and will always be the Internet access.

As such wedding couples can see that quite recently many wedding planners have switched from a percentage fee charging to three main types of services packages that they can offer to their potential customers. These packages are described bellow with the costs of a wedding planner included:

* Around $1,500 is the wedding planner price for a day-of-service that will help couples to create a timeline for the wedding, to confirm the vendors as well as to manage with the details of the wedding day;

* For approximately $3,700 there is a consultancy package offered through which the planner provides guidance and advice related with the newest trends, with style and colors. They might further recommend vendors and venues allowing the couple to stay on track while performing the planning process. All the leg work pertains as well to the couple, such as running the errands, making the necessary phone calls, and so on.

* For about $5,000 there is the full service offered by the professional wedding planner and in this package there is included the handling of almost all the wedding planning details, the wedding day, too. Thus couples will find out that with this package the planner can help and give professional advice regarding the style and colors, can assist with finding the venues for both ceremony and reception.

The wedding planner of a full-service package will see the couple to the cake tasting and will help in screening the vendor agreements. Some can also handle the wedding invitations and even track the RSVPs. When the wedding day comes, the wedding planner is there to manage with the last minute details ensuring that everything evolves according to the schedule.

Since these sorts of services vary from one planner to another, so can the wedding planner prices vary, therefore it is recommended for the wedding couples to carefully check for both the services included in the costs they can afford paying, be they for the day-of-service package, consultancy package or ‘full-option’ package.

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