The cozy wedding, the cozy style favors

Not every couple getting married dreams about the fairytale wedding. Some want more the intimate atmosphere with people they care and love much in their life, with good music and chilling time. After all to celebrate your union doesn’t have to mean an exaggeration of costs and everything that a formal wedding may mean. A cozy wedding asks for cozy wedding favors too so you have to stay in theme until the last detail included.

cozy wedding favors


Cozy style wedding ideas

We know that the wedding favors are suppose to be a symbolic gift. Much more when it is about an intimate wedding this is just a way to keep the tradition continuing. Part of the decor your cozy wedding favors may be about:

*        Scarfs. These can even be done by you, handmade, out of mohair for example. Personalized and ready to be used in winter nights.

*        Wedding party cup, a sort of holder. This is a versatile style as you can opt for a great variety, for the cup „coat” with buttons and everything for the coffee cup, for a beer cup or any type of drink, but just think at your coffee mug or tea pot how can be kept warmer with such a cozy favor!

*        Jar of marshmallows and cocoa mix. There is no way to not like this. Something they can serve, enjoy and for which they will appreciated than anything else as a simple decor item.

*        Blankets or shawls. There is a great variety for such cozy favors and you get them cheap. Colored as your wedding decor to be on the same page this is one of the classic ideas for this category of wedding favors.

*        Not last think at coffee or tea. You can put the beans or the tea in small packages that you can personalize.

Wedding favors on a budget

No matter how you take it there is always the money part concern. For that reason the cozy wedding favors may come along with the need to reduce the costs. But this is really the most pleasant part of all that such ideas cost you less than others. Some you can try do it yourself or at least parts of them until you have the final look and favor just good to be offered. For example the can coolers are from $0.33 to $1.87 on

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