The Decent Style of Carla Bruni Wedding Dress

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy have met in November 2007 in Paris at a dinner party and the next month they announced their engagement. Next year, more precisely on February 2, 2008 they got married in a civil ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Carla Bruni wedding dress on this occasion was bought by her off the rack in Paris. It was a cream Hermes knee length wedding dress which wasn’t made public as none of the paparazzi in search of the sensational images could capture any sight of Carla Bruni wedding dress.

Carla Bruni Wedding Dress

At this event, around 30 family friends were invited along with family members including as well their children. Carla Bruni was reported to have four bridesmaids. Later when Carla Bruni was interviewed she said that she didn’t agree with the fact that their wedding was rapidly done, but rather immediately. Carla stated that between lovers there is another perception on time, and this is what defines their hastiness – the feeling of love.

Carla Bruni Wedding Dress
Carla Bruni Wedding Dress

Another thing that has drawn Carla Bruni’s attention towards her new love was the feeling of being secure next to this man. She is fascinated by the fact that her husband is not blinded by power and this thing making him be very brave. Carla Bruni has stated also that she is committed totally to her husband first of all as his wife and then as the First Lady of France. The role of wife is determined to play until ‘death do us part’.

The newly married couple was surprised as being a simple, yet affectionate couple where the image of the groom was good enough when being paired with Carla Bruni wedding dress choice. Her mother has declared that along with the title of First Lady, Carla should manage her time in a good way, as there will be a lot of tasks to attend to. Carla Bruni is known to write poems and com pose music, skills that she would like to manifest even when being the France president’s wife.

The public opinion across the world regarding the decision of Nicolas Sarkozy to marry an ex-model, singer and composer was not all the time into their advantage. Americans for instance, would have never agreed with the idea for their president to marry someone with that type of past. But after all, why does this matter? Isn’t that important for a president who runs a country to be satisfied with his personal life as in this way he could take better decisions when running the political and social businesses of his country?

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