The delicious dessert for the wedding stays in trends too- ideas for 2014 weddings

Weddings are much more about a symbolic passing to another level in life. Even so it deserves a proper celebration; instantly your mind thinks at a cake. There is no wedding without a cake even though in the modern style there are so many ways to replace this classic concept.

With each year new trends come so counting a pretentious couple getting married the wedding cake ideas 2014 are helpful to please both parts, the need and the fashion part if it could be said so about cakes. But they are art in making designs after all.

wedding cake ideas 2014



2014 trends in wedding cakes

For every type of wedding you may want to organize there is a style to suit with your theme. Take a look to these wedding cake ideas 2014:

Nature inspired cake. It can be the simplest of all, all white, tiered, round. But when the blooming branches as decorations are applied it all changes. Explosion of flowers, petals, even butterflies vivify the whole cake view.
Fabulous feathers style wedding cake. Even with simple things there can be created a spectacular image when the combination is the right one. Reminding about the great Gatsby the cake with feathers is a great idea. Its chic, it’s with a line of pearls, tiered, with stripes and no topper but a big detailed flower on one side.
Surprising combinations. The tiered cake can have a different view when different designs are for each layer, starting with lines, stripes, continuing with dots and ruffles the topper is a blooming voluminous flower.
Unconventional look. With roses and pearls a wedding cake is enough pretty to be served with pleasure, but the topper really exceeds the classic and comes in a round shape like a big round flower bouquet. Innovative!
Lace style design wedding cake. With a hat decoration as a topper, with butterflies too lace makes it all be unique.

Personalized wedding cakes

Besides the trends of the year there is a need to adapt the idea to each case as colors for example to match with the wedding colors you will have. This is too a form of personalized style and can also be part of the wedding cake ideas 2014. Big letter on it, as a topper but not regularly placed, real painting on the cake with words and names, with anything that includes the label of your wedding are also unique styles to try. In fact creativity is the one to name your terms.

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