The dreamy decor, the glittery touch style

We don’t live in a fairy tale but we surely can make it that way to create a dream in reality. We don’t want to make experiments but to go for sure. What separates you from these goals is your creative side. Forget about the classic style, the sober wedding where people are afraid to touch something or are shamed of too much formality. Opt to let your freed spirit add a glamorous touch to everything and for that you’ll need just some sparkling wedding ideas.


sparkling wedding ideas



Glittery style- not too much, not too less

Deciding to give a chance to sparkling wedding ideas you’ll fall in love with the whole plan. But the key to success is not just to add this style in your decor- keep that faraway of the excess.

Sparkling table covering. Grey and blue sound good or go on the simple white plates. After all there must be a balance between colors to make the glittery detail a focal point.

Candle supports of a sparkling touch. These are surely part of a high class decor so attention of how you match them in the rest of the elements decor.

Sparkling plates, either silver either gold. These can be part of the modern decor wedding but also can suit perfectly to a disco themed one.

The cake time. To include this too into the sparkling theme idea the stand can be of such kind but why not even the layers of the cake. So you go on the couture style cake.

Table number, the photo frame as favors, the frame of the wedding signs there are multiple ways to opt for the glittery, sparkling touch. The point is to have at the same time a balance in colors and this shiny, refined look.

The last touch of all

Many brides think that since they adopt a few of the sparkling wedding ideas it is the case to continue in this way. The wedding dress preferred with such a design is not far of what the majority may think. But there is no point to confuse the bride with the rest of the decor. The last touch of all in such a wedding decor better be the wrapping of the wedding flowers bouquets for example, the bride’s accessories, the pins details at the table covering for the bride and groom.

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