The easy way to plan the wedding day is to make lists

After a long way planning, stress and pressure it’s time of your life, to enjoy the wedding day. But these unique moments you’ll never forget need a well-established plan for people around to take care. Even wanting the bride and groom cannot be in charge with any of the tasks during this day. And how you make it all as by book, not forget anything? Wedding checklist is one of the ways.

For each case that checklist changes as in priorities as in containing. Some have the help of a wedding coordinator which partially or totally can take the whole responsibility. For those that put their closest friends, bridesmaids or groomsmen, family members in charge the wedding checklist for the wedding day should include:

Wedding checklist

  • Things to take firm home when leaving. Depending on the way you two decide to share responsibilities each one will have a part of the list, from the set of wedding rings to the papers required for the ceremony, the ring pillow, any flowers, gifts for parents for bride//groom, flower girl basket, the vows etc.
  • After the ceremony someone has to pay the officiant, to carry the flowers, to take care of the wedding certificate, to remain the last until all guests have found the transportation to the second wedding location. Things are more complicated for the cases of ceremonies with sand ceremony included, with doves set free at the end and cases like these, to pay for these services extra, to take the candles unity or sand bowl for example and expose it at the restaurant.
  • At the party that wedding checklists is shorter and more about the wedding program, for example each one to know when is his or her turn to make a toast, when is the first dance time and so on. But not last easier if the couple has a hotel room where all the wedding stuff they have to take back home to be there or someone to announce them how things were and at the end of all where they have to take their things from.


For each case task more organized will be for the wedding checklist to include the name of those responsible and not at all exaggerated for one of the family members to check them all one by one and make sure no one forgets what to do. So a supervisor.

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