The Elegance of Prada Wedding Dresses

Prada is a very popular Italian label that includes luxury fashion products for men and women along with accessories made of leather, such as bags, shoes, and also hats and luggage. This Italian fashion label has become synonymous with the status of people who like luxurious style and dress accordingly. When the company started, in 1913, two brothers were at the leadership and considering that this is mainly men stuff, they have excluded any feminine interference into the business.
Prada Wedding Dresses
But it happened so that the daughter of one of these brothers started to show interest rather than her brother, and as a result she took over the company’s helm for 20 years. The next leadership came also under a feminine mind being soon joined by a leather goods producer. Over time, the company started to include also the creative ideas of the fashion design for various clothing, Prada wedding dresses being also counted.
Prada Wedding Dresses
By this time, the Prada house was already expanded across continental Europe selling uniquely created handbags and totes, along with shoes and other accessories. The classic Prada handbag, for instance, has become an overnight hit with its craftsmanship and sleek lines that outlined an aura of luxury.  This has become what we already know of being the Prada signature.

The first collection of women’s ready-to-wear reflected a design that has become popular for its narrow belts and dropped waistline. The basic colors were widely used together with neat lines and opulent choices of fabrics. The same features could also be reflected by the collection of Prada wedding dresses where the traditional styles were combined with an ultra sophisticated look of an industrial smoothness.
Prada Wedding Dresses
The designs that came through the House of Prada showed the image of a woman that works hard on her aesthetic making a great contrast with other brands known at that time as high fashion brands. The originality that Prada introduced in her handbags can also be seen in the style of women’s couture resulting into this brand becoming a premium status symbol starting with the 90s.

Prada signature is contained in looks that use simple colors (even for the Prada wedding dresses) captured in luxurious fabrics created to express simplicity combined with provocative styles. Italian fashion critics describe Prada style as very sexy and full of self confidence without revealing much of the skin.

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