The expected to come event- April wedding for Carey Mulligan

The first time we hear or dare to speculate about a possible wedding is when seeing the shining ring on the bride to be finger. And so happened for Carey Mulligan too. The soloist of Mumford & Sons, Marcus Mumford, and Carey hit the new stage of their relationship. How it all began? In 2011, more exactly in February, they were seen together at a concert and since then they are inseparable.

Carey Mulligan engagement ringSource
Carey Mulligan engagement ring

Not too much after that, in July of the same year, Carey Mulligan appeared in public wearing a ring. Suspicious to some yes it is the engagement ring. As expected to see a big rock on her hand yes we sow one. It is a platinum ring, with diamonds of course. In a romantic style the ring has 3 stones symbolizing the past, present and future.

Carey Mulligan engagement ring Source
Carey Mulligan engagement ring

The front center diamond in the simple, classic cut view, two small sapphires on sides and costing a small fortune. The spot of color added is the blue touch of the sapphires. And as some say it looks so much with a Tacori style ring. Within the whole ring being a beaded line precious diamonds row in the pictures paparazzi succeeded to take we can barely see that.

Not officially confirmed as after all it can be just a ring with diamonds her lover offered as a gift the couple prepares to get married according to rumors. In January this year we’ve heard about the possible spring time wedding and more and more sustain the same that April time is the wedding month for Carey and Marcus.

The persons in cause are tongue tied. We have the official “proof”, that shiny engagement ring she wears but without a confirmation.

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