The fist step from the romantic series of events and married life- engagement marked with a unique ring

How a man acts when it comes about engagement is what reveals his feelings towards the woman he loves. It’s what women expect at a point to feel special like no other time, to see the importance in the partner’s life, to make the dream of being soon a bride to be a reality.

unique designer engagement rings
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You almost have no words to express this but the rings you desire to stand proud on your finger will do that. And in the name of that today we come to inspire you with a top of unique designer engagement rings.

unique designer engagement rings
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It’s a wide range of options, collections that bring along the need for a unique ring, all embellished with diamonds. Concretely what you can choose is either about a simple ring with front center diamond, either with two rows on sides, square, round cut, rock in relief or encrusted, polished or satin finish and options styles don’t stop here. Far from being the most interesting type is the ring with a curved line that accentuates the front center rock.

unique designer engagement rings
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White gold modern rings or classic yellow gold ones at Ritani elegance has another dimension. Spectacular from style to style the engagement rings here are either the solitaire diamond, either the 3 stone. A v line one sides of the front center rock, channel style set you can choose something modern or vintage touch.

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The twisted style is one of the most appealing rings types you could focus on but not the single one. As a plus at this collection the flat edges style comes to impress along with rings that combine different gemstones, from diamonds with rubies to diamonds and sapphires.

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